Fibaro RGBW Controller FGRGBWM-441-UK

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Fibaro RGBW Controller FGRGBWM-441-UK

Control LED, RGB, RGBW strips and low voltage halogen lights to create beautiful, immersive lighting scenes. Fine-tune colour and brightness from the App or create preset scenes that can be called up at the touch of a button. The device provides support for up to four additional analogue sensors such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, wind sensors, air quality sensors and light meters.


Unearthly potential

Unleash your fantasy decorating a living-room or bathroom. Create illumination effect to match weather conditions, your mood or a special occasion. 3 million colours on hand, waiting for your ideas!

Fibaro RGBW Controller is one of a kind, advanced wireless 4-colour LED strips controller. Apart from traditional RGB channels it, also supports the additional white light channel, which allows for adding pastel colours to the colour scheme. The device may control up to four analogue sensors.




Fibaro RGBW Controller controls three as well as four colour LED strips giving you milions of colours of light.



Analogue sensors

Fibaro RGBW Controller has four analogue inputs supporting any sensors, e.g. light sensors, wind sensors, pressure sensors and potentiometers operating within 0-10V range.



Four output channels

Four output channels allow for connecting and independently controlling each of connected light sources.

just how you like it

LED diodes are widely used in home lighting. LED lighting perfectly suits modern design, helping you feel warm and peaceful depending on your mood.

LED’s are extremely energy efficient and relatively inexpensive. As a result they are more frequently used in interior design, to accent certain design features with a delicate light wisp.

Choose your favorite color

We have created an intuitive interface for your Smartphone or tablet, using which choosing your favorite color for each lighting zone is just a child’s play. Favorite color bar will change coloring in a living-room or child’s room like a touch of magic wand. Lighting programs slider will help you relax starting calming pastel color transitions, harmonizing with music playing in the background. There’s a magic ball as well, letting you choose any color you wish. You are a wizard of your well-being.


Create your own colour compositions

We designed four lighting scenes with amazing animation. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of love and warmth with light simulating lit fireplace, or feel the magic of inspirational morning in the colors of the morning dawn. Recall memories of warm summer weather storms and check the unique magic of colors in the a simulation of a storm. All dangerous situation detected by FIBARO system will be additionally enhanced by visual effects, particularly desirable for the hearing impaired.

Good mood provider

Enchant your interior

After hard day’s work you deserve to relax. All you have to do is start a programmed relax scene with a push of a button. Your intelligent home will do the rest – adjust the temperature and humidity, music volume and lighting scenes, with help of analogue sensors connected to the module. Pastel colors will help you calm down and forget about the stress. Thanks to Fibaro RGBW Controller you will experience your own haven of peace. Feel warm in your house thanks to Fibaro RGBW Controller.


House alerts with colors

Your intelligent house reacts to anything happening around and informs you about it with colors of light. Use Fibaro RGBW Controller not only to arrange interior lighting schemes but also to inform you about any event you can imagine.

Thanks to four analogue inputs, Fibaro RGBW Controller may be connected to four independent analogue sensors operating in 0-10V range. Use analogue sensors support to create bathtub illumination informing of water temperature with a colour. Adapt living-room lighting to conditions outside. Help your Fibaro Home Center decide whether to start garden watering depending on signals coming from soil moisture sensors and light intensity sensors.




door sensor
Twinkling Patrol

Twinkling RGB rays in the garden will notify your neighbors and emergency services on the presence of an intruder. Feel the comfort of safety

Unbelievable possibilities

of analogue sensors

Fibaro RGBW Controller supports up to four analogue sensors, providing Fibaro Home Center 2 with many more information based on which Fibaro System gives you comfort and security.

Thanks to information from analogue sensors, Home Center will roll the awnings to prevent them from being torn by wind, close the windows when it rains or gets cold. Analogue sensors will let you experience a true home intelligence.


weather stations

Start garden watering
when the soil is actually dry

Taking care about a garden is a real challenge. Thanks to Fibaro RGBW Controller, having a richly green, dense lawn is easier than ever.

Connecting a temperature sensor and a soil humidity sensor to Fibaro RGBW Controller will ensure your lawn is watered when necessary. Using information from those sensors Fibaro Home Center 2 will not waste any water on grass wet after morning rain. Enjoy a beautiful, healthy lawn without an effort.

Recommended sensors



Soil humidity sensor



Outside temperature sensor

Moonlight will help you save electricity

Garden lighting not only looks good after dark but it also increases you and your family safety. Garden lights intensity may be adjusted to match ambient lighting intensity with a suse of light sensor connected to a Fibaro RGBW Controller. This way, when sun sets late in the evening, garden lights will turn on only after sunset. And when full moon shines, garden lights will turn on with minimum output to save electricity.

Recommended sensors



Dusk sensor



Dusk sensor

light output
garden lighting


Best child care

Use Fibaro RGBW Controller to continuously monitor conditions in your child’s room. Connect four analogue sensors and monitor air quality, humidity, pressure and temperature. You will ensure perfect conditions for your child to sleep and grow up.

Recommended sensors


Thermokon LCN-LW04

Air quality sensor



Inside temperature sensor



Inside humidity sensor



Air pressure sensor

Fish tank under control

Fish tank is an excellent addition to any interior. Let’s you place a fragment of true underwater nature in your living room or bedroom. However, fish tank inhabitants need not only food for living, but also water of specific parameters.

Fibaro RGBW Controller supports sensors which let monitor water temperature, CO2 level crucial for proper plant growth, pH level appropriate for fishes or calcium levels. Fibaro RGBW Controller allows for monitoring four parameters which notify the user if any changes occur by push/sms/email or flashing light colors.

Recommended sensors













* Jumo dTrans CR02 versatile water parameters transmiter









Garage parking master

Fibaro RGBW Controller will help you park a car so that it perfectly fits your garage, and you could get out and unpack the luggage without scratching the paintwork.

You can create lighted parking guidance in your garage using color LED strips and analogue proximity sensors. Illuminated color will change depending on distance to the walls.


Red Colour

RGB Combined with Fibaro


distance from wall

Recommended sensors



Distance sensor



Distance sensor



Distance sensor



Distance sensor

* Sensor during test with the Fibaro System

4 – channel dimmer

for 12/24V light sources

Fibaro RGBW Controller allows for managing four independent light channels. It’s the world’s only wireless controller allowing for dimming up to four connected light sources independently. RGBW Controller’s versatility ensures correct operation of 12V and 24V light sources as well, without any modifications. This way you don’t have to observe the voltage of connected light sources.

Kitchen Lights

Choose desired kitchen illumination to match your current activity. Whether you are relaxing reading a book, listening to music or spending time with friends, choose illuminated colour manually or use one of predefined colour schemes.



Temperature determines illumination

Illuminate heated floors, wash bowls, showers with LED strips that change colours depending on temperature. Staggering effect!

Sensors determine illumination

Use sensors to match light intensity to conditions outside. Lights may be turned on automatically when it starts getting dark and it’s intensity will increase after the sunset.



Wall switches

Set desired light colour manually, mixing colours using wall switches. Start other devices automatically, depending on lighting colour set.




Potentiometer is a rainbow in your hand. Choose any colour you wish to suit your mood.



Fibaro Interface

3 million colour possibilities can be selected from the palm of your hand on your mobile device anywhere in the world.



Analogue sensors

Light colours match bathtub water temperature or weather outside? Connect wind or temperature sensor and make it happen

Live power consumption monitoring

RGBW Controller allows you to manage and monitor energy consumption connected to the LED strips.

Four channels allow for total or independent measurements of energy consumption. When connected with the HC2 you can check the live real-time power consumption and review usage history.



Wireless update

You can upgrade the device wirelessly, by choosing that option in Home Center 2, anytime a new firmware is available. You don’t have to disconnect it from a wall socket and waste time connecting it to a computer. Just press update button and enjoy the time with your loved one.

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