Fibaro Wall Plug (EU) FGWPE-102-EU

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Fibaro Wall Plug (EU) FGWPE-102-EU

Beautifully simple. The Fibaro Wall Plug requires no specialist tools or knowledge – just take it out of the box, plug it in to a mains socket and connect any electrical device. The Wall Plug will measure the power draw of the device in real-time. View graphs and charts of the energy consumption of your home or business and identify inefficient and wasteful devices. Receive email notifications if an appliance breaks down, or remotely disable devices when you leave the building to save power.


check the current energy consumption in whole house at one meter.


on clear and detailed power consumption graphs.



the device, or in areas.


Child safety

The device is equipped with a special, built-in plug cover that provides socket safety. This is especially useful in protecting your babies, whose curiosity and creativity in their youngest years is endless.


Faulty device report

The device is the safest wall plug in the world because it doesn’t allow inclusion of a damaged device if it is short circuited, thereby protecting the entire electrical system against damage. It can also report if the device is not working properly.



Reporting the device has shut down

Immediately after the plug shuts down the broken device you will receive a short report via SMS* or email. The message alert will also appear in your interface.

* SMS service is not available in all countries

Broken fridge?

Don’t worry, the Wall Plug in cooperation with Home Center 2 will automatically shut down the device and alert you about the event. This way you will not be surprised by the event when you come home.



Load under control

FIBARO Wall Plug is a one of a kind miniature device that allows you to control the amount of electricity
consumed. Change in color of the flawless crystal LED ring informs you about the current load of the connected
appliance. Besides that, built-in temperature sensor will alert you with flashing purple light if the temperature
exceeds 55oC. The alarm will also run if you go beyond the maximum permissible load of 2.5 kW.

Power consumption
Information Overload
Informs you about the overheating or overloading
of the appliance.
Hair dryer
Electric heater
Set your maximum limit for the device
The 16 million colors scale gives you an easy to read display of actual power consumption of the connected equipment.
Built-in network range tester

The FIBARO Wall Plug has a unique feature of testing the intelligent Z-Wave network coverage. Ultra easy, extremely fast network read time testing shows actual connectivity status.
Start the process by pressing the button on the plug’s casing for a few seconds. LED's purple light will inform you that the plug is in testing mode. See the current coverage by color displayed.

Out of range


Clear rules and guidelines are extremely important in raising children. FIBARO, can help you even in this area.
Connect the Wall Plug to a game console or TV in the children's room and remotely decide when your children can use the
connected devices. You can permanently set the availability of the console and / or TV and remotely control their operation.

Time Counter
when time is exceeded

Strain Relief

How many times have you had to repair your broken outlet?
With FIBARO you can get rid of this annoying task forever.
Each Wall Plug is equipped with specially designed safety sticker
that prevents strain relief.


Wireless update

You can upgrade the device wirelessly, by choosing that option in Home Center 2, anytime a new firmware is available.
You don’t have to disconnect it from a wall socket and waste time connecting it to computer. Just press update button and
enjoy the time with your loved one.

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