Digital Fan Speed Controller Silent No Motor Hum Automatic Temperature Control

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Digital Fan Speed Controller Silent No Motor Hum Automatic Temperature Control

Digital Silent Fan Speed Controller JDC-1000

Finally! Digital and fully automated fan speed controller with NO MOTOR HUM!

JDC-1000 Auto Transformer Fan Speed Controllers are suitable for any speed controllable fan up to 720 Watt. Ideal for in line extractor fans, hydroponic fans, kitchen extractor hoods, office, workshop or hobby sheds ventilation. It’s fully automatic and will adjust Fan speed to keep right temperature in the room. JDC-1000 has 3Amp Auto Transformer built in, so Motor Hum noise is completely eliminated – guaranteed!
JDC-1000 Fan Speed Controller provides automatic and silent temperature control. Just set your desired room temperature and let the controller to do the job!. The speed of the fan will increase should the temperature of the room exceed your set point. After temperature has been corrected the fan returns to idle speed. If the temperature drops below the set point, fan will slow down to a minimum speed. Now with 6 step transformer you can manually adjust any of the 3 preset speeds to meet your requirements!

Technical Details:

-MAX Load: 3A
-Increased fan life span.
-Decreased power consumption.
-Minimal fan inference.
-No humming fan noise - guaranteed!
-Runtime Temperature 0°C ~ 60°C
-Relative Humidity: not more than 80% (non condensation)
-Temperature Correction Function
-Digital Display
-Sound alarm in case of temperature probe failure
- Size: 120mm x 175mm x 100mm (W x H x D)

- Sensor Length: 2M approx

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