Garden Pizza Oven / Grill / BBQ / Smoker - Charcoal or Firewood

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Garden Pizza Oven / Grill / BBQ / Smoker - Charcoal or Firewood

Outdoor Pizza Oven & Barbecue

Enjoy authentic stone baked pizzas - fun for all the family, and everyone can make it exactly how they like it whether it's extra cheese, extra pepperoni or just extra everything! It can be used as a BBQ or smoker too!

Great for baking Pizza, bread, barbecuing meat, fish, veg etc. it will even work as a smoker for a tasty fish or joint of pulled pork!

  • Powder coated body has a matte black finish for the ultimate modern look
  • Removable ash draw for easy cleaning after cooking
  • Stainless steel doors retain the heat as you BBQ, smoke or bake
  • Built in shelf holds charcoal / firewood or to store your plates and condiments
  • Fully portable outside oven with two wheels and handle
  • Great for smoking, grilling, barbecuing and stone baking pizzas (stone base included)
  • Includes a pizza stone to give those pizzas an authentic stone baked base up to 12 inch pizzas
  • Vents and chimney regulate the ovens heat for perfect cooking and smoking every time
  • Temperature gauge helps to monitor the internal temperature of this outdoor oven
  • Bottom storage shelf can be used for storing cooking utensils, plates or safety equipment
  • HEAVY DUTY Ceramic Coated Grill for easy clean / non-stick grilling!
  • HEAVY DUTY charcoal / firewood grill - it will not warp like others!
  • Can be used without stand / base if you have an heat proof surface.


  • Dimensions: 156cm H x 64cm W x 43cm D
  • Internal Cooking Dimensions: 35cm x 48cm
  • Fuel: Charcoal / firewood
  • Materials: Steel / Stainless Steel
  • Ceramic coated cooking grill

Features and benefits

  • There's a handle on the side with two wheels so it can be moved easily
  • Can be used without the bottom part as a stand alone oven
  • Shelf for plates and condiments
  • Stainless steel doors to retain the heat
  • Ceramic coated cooking grill for easy cleaning / non-stick cooking
  • Pizza Stone included for that taste of stone baked Pizza
  • Temperature gauge to help monitor the ovens temperature
  • Removable ash draw helps with cleaning after cooking
  • Light the charcoal (sold separately) and leave this to burn through for around 20 minutes or until the embers turn grey
  • Move the charcoal to one side of the oven to allow the heat to circulate (known as indirect cooking)
  • Cook your pizza between 350-400 degrees, and enjoy your pizza in 3-5 min
  • Can also be used as a barbecue and is ideal for roasting!

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